Book Review: The Willows Weep for Me by Lenee H.


Hi guys! Earlier this week, I was granted a beautiful copy of Lenee H’s chapbook The Willows Weep for Me. It is a 30 page poetry chapbook with a spooky but romantic aesthetic. Lenee H. is a poet with two full poetry collections out. One of which was #1 in new LGBT poetry on Amazon for a week. I have interviewed Lenee on this blog before, but never looked at one of her works. So, this week, I thought I would sit down and read The Willows Weep for Me.

The Willows Weep for Me is definitely a Halloween collection. Each poem has the feel of walking through a black and white horror movie. Reading The Willows Weep for Me, I find myself tiptoes through a graveyard grasping for the hand of my ghost ex-girlfriend. Lenee H. perfectly captured this niche aesthetic of sapphic Gothic poetry.

My favorite line in the piece is “tell me, is there still hope for blessings when all the witches have been cursed?”


I think this one line captures the collection and its feel. All in all, The Willows Weep for Me is a nice read, ready to give you goosebumps (whether that be from fear or adoration).

If you’re a fan of spooky poetry, be sure to check out The Willows Weep for Me, available for a limited time. And for more by Lenee H., Check out her other two collections Cosmic Phases and Radiant Souls.

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