Interview With Cosplayer TT Bret

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I am happy to be interviewing TT Bret today. TT is a cosplayer, Youtuber, and fan fiction writer. Nowadays, fanfiction is not solely writing but acted out. Fanfiction writers can cosplay the characters they are writing about, film the scenes, and post them as threads along with the story. I wanted to talk to TT about this new medium and how it added to the story. Here’s what they had to say.

You Primarily Focus on Harry Potter. What Drew You to the Series?

Harry Potter was the first real “chapter” book I ever read, which solidified my love for fantasy, writing, and art.

What is Your Thread Writing Process Like?

My thread writing process starts with a concept (death, relationships, betrayal, humor, etc.). It can be picked from the books, drawn from the fan-made text/art/content, or simply something I want to explore. I then choose the characters I want to place into the chosen scenario and hash out a basic plot, followed by a script to film.

There is a Small Stigma Surrounding Fanfiction. Some People View it as Lesser. What Do You Have to Say to Those People?

Fanfiction is a genre of its own. You have the opportunity, through fan written content, to explore characters that you love in-depth, and in a variety of situations that would never be seen in the original text. It’s a way to expound and dive into worlds and stories that are otherwise limited. Fanfiction is world-building on steroids.

What is Your Favorite Fan Fiction or Thread?

My favorite fan fiction is Solntse by Lumosinlove for the voice and depth she brings to her characters and their inner dialogues. My favorite thread is Never Doubt by Sirussly. I like the way it explains and elaborates on the story of Remus and Tonks and the relationship we as an audience were unable to see develop in the books.

That You’ve Written?

That' I’ve written? The Empire (which is NOWHERE near finished but I’ll get back to it someday!) and Little One, which is the story of how Remus’ undercover mission with Fenrir’s pack goes downhill!

With Threads, You’re Able to Cosplay Your Stories. What Do You Think This Adds to the Storytelling?

Cosplaying allows people to see their favorite scenes played out, kind of like watching a series or film (only like…a silent film with crappy webcams).

What are You Working on Now?

I’m currently working on a few original concepts for a 20s Mafia story.

A Lot of the Characters You Portray are Made LGBTQ+. Why Do You Think LGBTQ+ Representation is Important?

Having representation allows people to feel seen. It lets them be the central and important part of the society and culture they are in. Seeing yourself represented in a variety of circumstances, in the same way as the majority, helps round out your world and strips away boundaries and limitations that are mentally set by not being able to see yourself as accepted as normal.

What is Your Advice to People Who Want to Start Cosplaying and/or Writing Fan Fiction?

Just do it! Find someone or something that you enjoy and hop into the mix. We all start somewhere, so don’t let the fear of not being “good enough”n prevent you from exploring something that could bring you happiness and fulfillment.

Thank You So Much for Your Time. Before I Go, Where Can We Find You?

You can find me on Tumblr, Instagram, TikTok, Youtube, and Patreon.

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