Nano Writing Month Project Announcement (2019)

Hello beautiful people,

The first book I ever wrote during nano writing month (or nanowrimo) is currently wading the query trenches, which means I am ready to start anew. I am so excited to announce this year’s nano novel THE PSYCHOPATH DIDN’T DO IT.

Bennie Jang is an undiagnosed psychopath, a label given to her at the age of six, by her third grade teacher. Bennie accepts how her classmates view her, even relishes in their hateful stares. But when random girls start getting murdered around town, Bennie must find out who did it before she’s blamed.

Bennie teams up with her only friend, Lacy, to solve the crime. But as she gets closer to the truth of the murders, she finds she may be incriminating herself more by stopping it.

I plan to finish the first draft for nanowrimo and have it ready for the query trenches by mid 2020.

If you guys are planning to participate in nanowrimo feel free to add me as a nano buddy. My username is girlswillbeboys11. I hope to see you there, and for those in the trenches with me, happy querying!