Smitten is Number One!


I am so happy to announce Smitten by Indie Blu(e) Press is now available on kindle and in print! Two poems of mine “Sunburned Shoulders” and “Andy & KP” are featured in this beautiful anthology that celebrates love between women. Both these poems are also featured in my chapbook Her Lips Change Seasons (currently unreleased). Smitten is the #1 New Kindle Release in LGBT Poetry this morning. It is #5 in New Poetry Anthologies and #8 in Gay and Lesbian Poetry. You can read interviews with the authors on our editor’s blog and listen to some of the contributors read their poems in this audio anthology. In the words of our editor “Smitten is an anthology of love poetry by 120 lesbian and bisexual women ranging in age from 15 to 87 from around the globe. This is a book that should be gifted. In spite of its implied audience, Smitten is not just for women who adore women. It is for those whose hearts twist and skin prickles at romance, who know the flight of butterflies in their stomachs, who long for the feeling of home in another’s heart.

You can read a couple pre-press reviews of Smitten here and here, as well as look on Amazon for more reviews. The first review by Tres Hermanas said Smitten, “has some of the best poetry about love and relationships I have read in ages.” I am so proud to be included in a work with such talented and smitten writers.


I will end this with Smitten’s dedication “to the generations of women before us, who suffered for their love without recourse. We, who exist today, inherit the voices of all women who have loved women. Never silence your heart.”

You can purchase the kindle version of Smitten through this link and the paperback through here and select bookstores.

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