Why I Love Personalized Rejections

Rejection sucks. Every time someone doesn't like your work, it’s normal for it to hurt. However, not all rejections were created equally. In the querying world, personalized rejection should be viewed as a triumph. I know it’s hard not to take a personal rejection…well, personally, but just know there are reasons why you should rejoice when you see that rejection in your mailbox.

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Interview With Author and Actor Patrick Bohan

Hello, beautiful people. I am so happy to be interviewing Patrick Bohan today. Patrick is an actor and YA fantasy author represented by Stacy Kondla of The Rights Factory. Today, I wanted to talk to Patrick about his book, his querying journey, and the difference between storytelling through acting and the written word. Here’s what he had to say.

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Seven Things You Need to Get a Literary Agent

I work as a literary agent intern. I evaluate queries, manuscripts, and partials, as well as do other daily lit agent task (such as writing edit letters or pitches). It’s a lot of writing and a lot of reading, and a lot of money given to my local Starbucks. But what is a literary agent, and why are they important?

Literary agents are the middle man between the author and the publisher. Most big-name publishers won’t even look at your manuscript if you don’t have an agent. In a sense, we’re the gatekeepers. But we’re a lot more than that. Your literary agent is your first advocate. They’re there to campaign for you and your book, get the best deals and argue with editors when need be. A literary agent doesn’t just want to sell your book; they want to jump-start your career because your success is their success. So, how do you get one? Below is a list of seven things you need to get a literary agent.

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