I Lost My Poem & How to Avoid Writing Scams

November 2017, I entered a writing competition. Within the month, I received a letter in the mail stating I was a finalist, and they wanted to publish my poem in their anthology.

I was ecstatic.

I ran into my parent’s room, grinning ear to ear, because I WAS GOING TO BE PUBLISHED! I immediately signed my poem away (even sent the letter using priority mail), only to find out they were a vanity press, and I would never see my poem in print

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Interview With Fanfiction Author Tara Scheiber

Hi guys,

I am so happy to be able to interview Tara Scheiber today. She is a mother, makeup artist, and fan fiction (fanfic) author, mainly focusing on Harry Potter characters. Her fan fiction We Were Infinite has over 90K reads on Archive of Our Own and she has a steady following on other social media accounts (such as Tumblr). I know there is some controversy in the writing community surrounding fanfic authors. I wanted to get Tara’s take on the issue, her work, and why she loves to write. Here’s what she had to say.

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Who The Hell Am I Anyway & Author Anger

Well, this isn’t the first time, but I was harassed online. Usually, it’s for random reasons, like the man who sent a message to my Harry Potter cosplay blog telling me to drink bleach. I asked him why I was so angry, but got little answers other than the typical “you should die” and other vulgar statements. However, this time, I’m not sure exactly what set my angry person off.

I am a part of a small writing group, and one of its members was venting about querying. I sent her a message explaining why it is necessary but left on an encouraging note. That woman didn’t respond, but boy did someone else.

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