Interview With Poet Carolyn Martin

Hello, beautiful people. I am ecstatic to be interviewing Carolyn Martin today. Carolyn is the author of four poetry books, poetry editor for Kosmos Quarterly, and book review editor for the Oregon Poetry Association. Her poems have been featured in numerous literary magazines, journals, and anthologies. Today, I wanted to talk to Carolyn about her publishing journey, her recent work, and any advice she has for new poets. Here’s what she had to say.

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Interview With Scottish Author Kelsey J. N. McRae

Hello beautiful people, I am thrilled to be interviewing the Kelsey J.N. McRae today. Kelsey is a Scottish author and LGBTQ+ and mental health advocate. Their debut novel Indigo Rain came out last year through Bombadil Publishing. I wanted to sit down and talk with Kelsey about Indigo Rain, publishing, and diverse representation. Here’s what they had to say

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I Lost My Poem & How to Avoid Writing Scams

November 2017, I entered a writing competition. Within the month, I received a letter in the mail stating I was a finalist, and they wanted to publish my poem in their anthology.

I was ecstatic.

I ran into my parent’s room, grinning ear to ear, because I WAS GOING TO BE PUBLISHED! I immediately signed my poem away (even sent the letter using priority mail), only to find out they were a vanity press, and I would never see my poem in print

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Interview With Scriptwriter Emily Scialabba

Hi guys,

I am excited to interview Emily Scialabba today. Emily is a writer, specializing in script writing and a recent graduate from the Rochester Institute of Technology. Emily has worked for NBC and Galatea and has experience not only writing scripts but with set work as well. I thought interviewing Emily would be a good change of pace since this blog tends to focus on book writing. I wanted to ask Emily about her writing journey and the difference between prose and scriptwriting. Here’s what she had to say.

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